The water simulation talents of Space Office VFX was called upon to help create a virtual catwalk scene for Rains’ 2021 Autumn/Winter collection.

The task was to create a mysterious bubble of floating water, exploding in cascades over a catwalk constructed of scaffolding, blending seamlessly with live action footage of the models on the actual catwalk. We photographed and measured the real construction, and splashed a digital simulation over it, rendering it to match the lighting on set, and also tracked and integrated the floating water bubble.

Client: Stonefire
Agency: Moon
Director: Mikkel Stenild

Space Office VFX:

VFX supervisor: Jonas Ussing
Compositing: Christian Bechmann
Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen: Look development
Joanna Szczepanska: 3D modelling
Denise Borré: VFX supervisor assistant