Small team, large frames

As most small and medium sized shops are focused on compositing, you typically need go to a larger studio for complex CGI.


The main force of Space Office VFX is our ability to do high-end full CGI and animation on the turnaround of a small studio. 



Get us onboard early, and we'll choose the right techniques for your budget.

We'll help you on set, to make sure we get the proper footage, and deal with clean plates, HDR probes, tracking markers and set measurements.

VFX and animation


Creatures, humans, photoreal, stylized.



We do fire, explosions, volcanos and everything else your Hollywood ambitions require.


We can make tsunamis, beach waves, splashing champagne and magical underwater worlds.


We do set extensions and entire scenes created entirely in 3D.

Feature film

Besides the combined 30 titles of the two creators, Space Office already has three feature titles behind us.


From detergent to talking bears, we have you covered.