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Danish VFX and animation


Space Office VFX is a teamwork between experienced feature film animator Stine Sørensen and Emmy-nominated VFX supervisor Jonas Ussing.

Our specialty is to create top-drawer full CGI for films and TV shows with high ambitions. We're here to help you create the most awesome version of your story.

Vivarium is out on VOD

March 27, 2020

Lorcan Finnegan’s surreal sci-fi horror film “Vivarium” is due to the Corona virus skipping the theatrical release, and flying directly to your living room on video on demand today! Space Office is proud to have contributed a full digital environment, featured throughout the film.

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The Penultimate

October 1, 2019

Jonas Ussing was on-set VFX supervisor for Jonas Kærup Hjort’s surreal sci-fi drama “The Penultimate”, produced by Tambo Film.

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Suicide Tourist trailer

September 9, 2019

The trailer for Jonas Arnsby’s “Suicide Tourist” is out! Space Office VFX is proud to have delivered some graphics display animations for the film, which is produced by Snowglobe Film.

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When the dust settles

August 5, 2019

Jonas Ussing was on-set VFX supervisor for two days on Danish drama “When the dust settles”, filling in for show supervisor Bill Shearman. The series is produced by Stinna Lassen, and premieres on Danish television in early 2020.

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